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Set of carbon steel pans 24cm & 28cm

Set of carbon steel pans 24cm & 28cm

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 High Heat Resistance and Oven Compatibility
Carbon steel frying pans are designed to withstand high temperatures, including oven heat. What sets them apart is that their frying performance only improves with time. These pans are not only durable and heat-resistant but also environmentally friendly, making them a sustainable choice for your kitchen.

Suitable for All Heat Sources, Including Induction
Our carbon steel frying pans are compatible with all heat sources, including induction cooktops. They come in two sizes: 24cm (240mm) and 28cm (280mm). The cooking surface areas are 175mm and 200mm, respectively, with low angled edges for better accessibility using utensils like spatulas.

Material - Carbon Steel
The non-stick properties of carbon steel pans improve with each use. Made from high-quality carbon steel, these pans absorb fat during cooking, enhancing their non-stick capabilities over time. Imagine having a frying pan that never wears out - that's precisely what our PS carbon steel pans offer.

A Frying Pan for Every Occasion
Whether you're cooking on a grill, directly over flames, in the oven, or on an induction cooktop, our carbon steel frying pans deliver consistent results. After cooking, you can place the pan directly in the snow without worrying about damage. This robustness ensures long-lasting performance for at least 30 years, guaranteed.

Withstands High Heat
When it comes to achieving the desirable Maillard effect, the caramelization of the food's surface during cooking, carbon steel pans, and cast iron pans are the way to go. These pans can reach extremely high temperatures, enabling you to achieve excellent browning while maintaining a tender core.

Innovative Cool-Touch Handle
While carbon steel pans reach high temperatures due to their material and weight, we have introduced an innovative feature to enhance ease of use: the world's first cool-touch handle. With an underarm grip, lifting the pan becomes effortless, and you won't risk burning yourself. Experience the immediate difference in comfort and safety.

Four Sizes for Countless Cooking Needs
We offer carbon steel frying pans in four different sizes, catering to all your cooking requirements. Professional chefs recommend using a slightly larger pan than the ingredients to maintain optimal temperature. Our PS carbon steel pans are stackable, ensuring minimal storage space usage in your kitchen.


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